The art market is a complex, challenging and largely unregulated playing field. Willem Baars offers both new and seasoned collectors counselling in a world that has much to offer, but which requires experience and expertise in order to help you find your way. We make the art world transparent for our clients and provide insight into the way it functions. Each transaction is accounted for on both economic and art-historical grounds. Our track record is proof that we are able to identify art market trends at an early stage and thus give collectors a decisive lead.

As an art consultant and art historian, Willem Baars specializes in modern and contemporary art. Since the founding of Willem Baars Art Consultancy in March 1997, we have provided a select group of collectors with a professional service that covers every aspect of collecting and curating an art collection. Our expertise is fully focused on the individual interests and requirements of the client. We develop short- and long-term collection goals, which are articulated following a series of initial conversations and consultations, and which are regularly revisited and re-evaluated.

Knowledge is the key to buying or selling a work of art. An art consultant keeps informed about international gallery programs, art auctions, museum exhibitions, relevant literature, and the latest trends. An art consultant visits artists’ studios, interacts with museums, conducts art historical research, produces publications, and brings collectors together. Willem Baars is that art consultant. With our team, we unburden collectors by assisting them with everything that pertains to archival work, documentation, appraisal, insurances, storage, transportation, preservation and installation. We curate collections with the utmost care and discretion.

In 1995, while he was still studying art history at the University of Amsterdam, Willem Baars became the youngest certified appraiser of modern and contemporary art in the Netherlands. This gives our firm the ability to provide certified valuation reports and to conduct authentication research.

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Vasudeo S. Gaitonde, untitled, 1968

Vasudeo S. Gaitonde, untitled, 1968
oil on canvas, 177 x 100 cm
Sold to a private collector in 1999